Updates and work in progress information. 

This is where you can view updates featuring projects currently underway at BVETMD. Projects featured may be in varying states of completeness and no time schedule for any project  completion or possible future release is implied or guaranteed.

There are currently no new releases.


Work In Progress

Users may know that I am slowly overhauling some of the older trains released some years back, in order to make them look better on wide screen monitors etc. This involves using larger resolution textures in some cases, which may cause a slight drop in graphics performance on weaker PCs. Some sounds are also being re-mastered or replaced, especially in the case of those trains that were originally written for the BVE4 simulator and not Open BVE. The overhaul project is ongoing and is purely done on a 'when time permits' basis, with the intention of not delaying 'new' releases wherever possible.


New projects currently 'In The Works....

Some 'new' projects will be announced soon......


Derby Lightweight DMU Single Car 'IRIS' - project still ongoing but at an advanced stage.